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Infographic Data Source – The Predictive Index’s study on CEOs. See the full study here and here.

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Leading a company is incredibly complex. From the team to the product or service they deliver, CEOs and Founders are responsible for providing clarity and direction for the entire business. These are some of the things that those leaders think about most and the role that a strong brand strategy can play in helping their company achieve its goals.



As a leader, what is your number one priority?

  • Top Response: Strategy Development, 39%

Which single thing do you care about most?

  • Top Response: Build A Lasting Company, 25%

Brand Insight

A strong brand strategy integrates the long term vision of the company and its positioning. It then communicates that through consistent visuals and messaging. Clarity around that direction is key for a company to last.



What are your biggest challenges?

  • Find The Right Talent, 37%
  • Align Team With Strategy, 28%
  • Get The Most Out Of People, 22%
  • Build A Solid Business Strategy, 21%
  • Beating The Competition, 17%

Brand Insight

A well defined brand is a huge asset for a business to align their team and attract new talent. And there’s no better way to secure your place in the competitive landscape than harnessing an inspired team combined with the right brand positioning.



To what extent have you needed help with business strategy and execution?

  • Need Some Help Or Extensive Help, 65%

When you needed business strategy help what have you invested in?

  • Top Response: Adopted A New Process Or Playbook, 49%

Brand Insight

Even the best leaders can benefit from outside help. Capturing the company’s brand strategy in an actionable, shareable guidebook means their direction is documented so everyone can operate around shared knowledge and goals.

Crystallize Your Brand’s Unique Position

We love it when new research supports what we see with the CEOs and Founders we work with directly.  If you’re looking for a way to transform your best business thinking into an actionable, shareable, growth-oriented guide, click below to learn more about the Brand Guidebook process.