Brand and marketing consulting to grow your business

The services we’ve used to help dozens of businesses achieve their goals.

The Brand Guidebook

We use a proven, structured process to clarify, refine, and maximize all the critical components of your brand. Together, we’ll transform your best business thinking into an actionable, shareable, growth-oriented Brand Guidebook:

  • Vision: big picture vision, core values, and goals
  • Customers: The motivations, behaviors, and priorities of your target customers
  • Positioning: Your unique position in the competitive landscape
  • Tone & Identity: How you communicate and present your company to your customers
  • Messaging: The expression of your brand’s value proposition through key messages

This work will help you get the most out of your business and team right now and set you up for faster growth going forward.

Website Strategy & Design

We’ll help you translate your brand strategy into a website that allows you to clearly communicate your value through emotionally-engaging words and visuals:

  • Architecture: Utilize best practices in UX (User Experience) to build trust with customers and guide them to your most desired actions
  • Copywriting: Capture the attention of your customers and speak to the outcomes they’re seeking in easy-to-digest language
  • Visual Design: Show your customers the value they’ll receive by using images, icons, and graphics that tell a compelling visual story

Make sure you maximize every new customer that arrives on your site by making it crystal clear how you service their most important needs.

Customer Insights & Analysis

To deepen the impact of our work, we put your business to the test with real customers. We’ll capture how your customers think and talk, and provide insights on the outcomes they’re seeking:

  • Surveys: Craft custom surveys to uncover the thoughts and preferences of your customers
  • Interviews and User Testing: Talk directly with customers or watch their actions when engaging with your website or product
  • Targeted Ads: Define and run campaigns to gauge user actions and convert new customers

These activities provide data that your business can use to inform decisions today and continue to provide return for months and years to come.

Fractional Chief Brand Officer (CBO)

Realize the full potential of your brand and receive ongoing support as you integrate your strategy into all the different touch points of your business.

  • Team and Operations: Map out and implement your brand strategy into your hiring, onboarding, employee reviews, culture, customer support, offering innovation, and more.
  • Marketing Implementation: Ensure that your brand is expressed consistently and clearly across social, video, and other sales and marketing materials.
  • Strategic Support: Add a focused layer of support for brand and marketing oversight without the overhead of investing in a full time role.

We’ll engage with your leadership and team to provide strategic guidance every month to keep initiatives moving and on-track.

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