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Clarified A Brand’s Core Messaging and Positioning To Disrupt The Digital Procurement Space 

Bid Ops

The enterprise procurement space has long been filled with overly complex products that cater to legacy clients with outdated workflows. In other words, it’s a space that was begging for disruption. 

We worked with their full leadership team including the CEO and Heads of Marketing and Product to craft revised positioning and messaging for the brand, and copywriting and visuals for the website. The work resulted in a more accessible, jargon-free style that highlights their unique strengths around automation and cost savings. It also provided a renewed focus and sense of cohesion for a team spread across multiple cities.

Client Feedback

“Map & Fire was a crucial partner in our journey through a branding exercise that allowed us to simplify our messaging. The Brand Guidebook process allowed us to clarify our value proposition and remove numerous roadblocks that existed with getting our entire team on the same page. They’re wonderful people to work with, and do a phenomenal job juggling all the personalities and opinions that exist inside of an organization.”

Evan Godwin

Head of Marketing, Bid Ops

Uncovered Key Growth Opportunities for a European Food Tour Business With A Local Flavor

Eating Europe

In the highly competitive tourism space, positioning is critical. You have to make sure your brand can earn the trust of new customers and stay memorable for existing customers between engagements.

In our collaboration, we did a brand deep-dive along with customer surveys and site audits to crystallize the elements that would solidify Eating Europe as a premium brand. This work helped clarify their position and offer opportunities around pricing to propel growth.

Client Feedback

“After seven years, our company was in need of a brand refresh. Map & Fire took us through a well devised step-by-step process that enabled us to reposition our company within the marketplace. Map & Fire’s insights throughout the project were invaluable and their level of commitment was something we have rarely experienced with external agencies. I cannot recommend Map & Fire highly enough.”

Kenny Dunn

Founder, CEO, Eating Europe

Increased User Engagement and Conversions for an Automated Meal Planning App

Eat This Much

After several years of growth and evolution, Eat This Much needed some fresh perspective on their brand, marketing, and digital product.

In conjunction with customer surveys and user testing, we identified the key motivators and outcomes that drive their core customers. This work, in partnership with JourneyEngine, fueled new marketing campaigns with improved conversion rates on Facebook and Google Ads. In depth product audits also informed a host of app refinements to simplify their onboarding process and increase overall user engagement.


Client Feedback

“Map & Fire helped my company find the focus that it’s been missing for years. Our messaging makes more sense, the new onboarding process is simpler, and we’re finally targeting customers that are more likely to stick with our product. If you’re looking for technical, thoughtful, brand and marketing expertise, Map & Fire is among the best.”


Louis DeMenthon

Founder, CEO, Eat This Much

Overhauled the Entire Digital Presence of a Historic Landmark

Boscobel House and Gardens

The rich history of the Boscobel home and museum was stunning in person but lost in translation in their marketing.

Together with partner company, Predicate, we stripped their digital home down “to the studs”. We defined the core outcomes for their customers and used that to drive a complete reorganization of their information architecture. From their, we carefully reworked all of the site’s functionality and design to reflect customer needs as well as the home’s visual beauty.


Client Feedback

“Throughout an intensive content audit and digital overhaul, Map & Fire offered inexhaustible insight and consistent follow through. Their equanimity, good humor, and clarity—all of which rested on an extremely solid foundation of expertise—was invaluable during a pivotal period.”


Lauren Daisley

Director of Communications, Boscobel House and Gardens

Helped to Elevate a Higher Level Purpose of Unplugging with a Strong Business Model


As digital devices seek to fill our every waking moment, it’s clear we need help taking a step back and getting offline.

Kim Cavallo, a voice and pioneer in the unplugging space, developed her app to help people reclaim the value of real life interactions and activities. Together, we’ve worked to explore ways to encourage positive customer behaviors, while supporting important causes, and creating a viable business model to support the vision.


Client Feedback

“Every time I speak with Map & Fire, I gain clarity and confidence. They have the unique ability of being able to see both the forest and the trees. In working on high level strategy, Map & Fire helped me find a clear path to move my business forward and iron out details blocking our progress.”


Kim Cavallo

Founder, CEO, Lilspace

Clarified Big Picture Strategy for a Cable TV Channel


To help clarify their path in the competitive space of family cable programming, we worked with UPtv to refine the Big Picture thinking around their Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.

With that in place we dug into their Target Customers to help uncover new ideas around who UP competes against for their customers’ time, and what those customers value on a functional, emotional, and aspirational level. This information helped to inform thinking around UP’s approach to messaging and programming for their core demo.

Client Feedback

“We needed a new strategy and were immediately blown away by the level of research and insight Map & Fire brought to the table. They are incredibly thorough and skilled in the space at a level I haven’t found at the smallest or largest agencies out there. They are now my go to shop.”

Kendra Campbell-Milburn

VP, Consumer Engagement, UPtv

Increased Impact for Non-Profit Innovation in Higher Ed.

The Michelson 20MM Foundation

We worked with the Michelson 20MM Foundation to create a cohesive strategy and brand architecture that helped to structure, distill, and connect all the extensions of their transformative work in higher ed.

We’ve since built on that direction to help 20MM effectively market and communicate with their target customers increasing their number of monthly average users for the main foundation site by 150%.

Client Feedback

“Map & Fire gave us actionable ideas to guide our thinking and solidify our brand. We now have a beautiful website with clear messaging on the topic of intellectual property. We couldn’t be happier!”

Mayra Lombera

Director Strategic Initiatives, The Michelson 20MM Foundation

Business Model Innovation in the Entertainment Industry

Small Batch Content

We helped this LA-based production studio create a new type of content incubator that harnesses the thinking and approach proven in the tech world of Silicon Valley.

Through this process we did deep dives into the competitive landscape to dissect and evaluate potential business models in an effort to differentiate the business while working to maximize financial viability.

Client Feedback

“Map & Fire helped us spin off a new company, refocused our core mission, and became our goto source for guidance on both strategy and digital marketing. Constantly coming up with fresh ideas, and fearless in challenging conventional thinking, we now think of Map & Fire as a valuable extension of our team.”

Stu Pollard

Founder, CEO, Lunacy Productions

Improved Engagement with a Cable Channel’s Programming, Website & Video Content

Aspire TV

We worked with Aspire on a comprehensive look at their strategy to help facilitate a transition from a broad range of programming into a small group of focused, lifestyle centric categories. The goal being to serve their audience more of the video content they’re interested in.

Through our work we honed in on how Aspire could provide programming that would serve a unique and valuable role in the lives of their customers. That thinking is now helping to guide them as they evolve their programming lineup and share it with their audience.


  • Video Plays: 88K/month (+1685%)
  • Completed Video Plays: 81K/month (+2652%)
  • Completion Rate: 92% (+33%)
  • Monthly Users: +24%

Expanded Offerings for an Industry Leader


After 30 years of industry leading success, ACMS needed help expanding their offerings in the field of school safety services. With a well established position, our work focused on how to support growth that would build seamlessly on their trusted reputation.

We developed a complete rebrand while guiding the strategy that would maintain growth in their current services while propelling adoption of new services via their existing customer base.

KPI’s For New Services

  • Organic Search Impressions: 10K/month
  • Visits for Employment Inquiries: 6.5K/month
  • Average Time on Site: 2:54
  • Bounce Rate Only: 37.66%

Building a Brand Around Post-Traumatic Growth

Life Revised

With a topic as deeply personal as grief, how do you build a trusting relationship with your audience?

We worked with writer and speaker, Lori LoCicero, to develop a new brand from scratch in support of her vision to share the power of post-traumatic growth.

Client Feedback

“Map & Fire’s expert guidance, insightful recommendations and customized strategies allowed me to fine-tune my vision, clarify my brand, and ultimately build my target audience.”

Lori LoCicero

Founder, Life Revised

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