Our passion is to build unique brands and collaborative relationships

We help business leaders discover their unique brand positioning and then communicate that to reach more customers.

Clay Ostrom

Founder, Brand Strategist

Tracy Rinehart

Executive Producer

Monika Allen

Brand Strategist, Copywriter

Becky Allison

Creative Director, Designer

Arielle Myers

Strategy, Business Development

Our Strategic Partners

Justin Thomas

Founder JourneyEngine

ROI-Driven SEO, Analytics, Content Strategy, and Paid Advertising Campaigns

Ronen Hirsch

Founder Studio Umbrella

E-commerce (Shopify), WordPress, and Custom Web App Design & Development

Why You’ll Like Us

Evidence over Ego

When it comes to decisions and recommendations, we use research, data, and an outside perspective to provide an objective point of view.

Excellence Through Empowerment

Our goal isn’t just to deliver great work but to share how things work. We want to provide resources, tools, and knowledge to encourage success beyond our engagements.

Fast and Focused

To maximize efficiency, we keep our processes and methods lean so that we can put strategies into practice and learn from them as soon as possible.

Collaborators at Heart

Our best work and best relationships have always come from openly sharing ideas and working on challenges together. Swooping in and dropping off a solution (even a good one) rarely works.

Naturally Curious

We’re always excited to learn as much as we can about new businesses and teams to help them find untapped opportunities.

We Make It Fun

If you can laugh together, you can relax together. When you’re relaxed you’re more likely to share ideas and do your best work.