What Is Your Brand Identity?

The “public face” of your brand and your first opportunity to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Brand Identity Definition 

You can think of your brand identity as the “public face” of your brand strategy. It lets the rest of the world — and especially your target customers — know what you’re about at a glance. 

None of the elements within your identity can make or break your connections with customers but they all contribute to people’s initial emotional response and guides their decision to interact with your brand. 

Your brand identity includes the components that we see and engage with on the surface:

Brand Identity Exercise 

The goal with all the elements within your brand identity is to put aside your personal preferences and focus on what name, color, typefaces, visuals align with the needs of your customers. 

This is why starting with your positioning is a critical first step. Your brand’s positioning sets the foundation for what your customers value, how you fit within the competitive landscape, and what makes your offering unique.  All of that information is critical to guide your creation of a strong identity.

Positioning keeps you in the mindset of “how will this help us connect with our customers” as opposed to “what do I think looks cool”.  

If you want to evaluate your brand logo specifically, we created a scoring rubric to help compare and contrast options. It won’t make the decision for you, but it can bring in a little objectivity to an otherwise difficult decision.

To use it, score each logo (including your current logo if you have one) on the criteria and total up the score to see which options are best: 

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