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Clay Ostrom

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Clay Ostrom

Owner, Founder

I’ve spent the last 15 years dreaming up and then bringing to life multiple startups as well as a wide range of digital projects. With every twist and turn of that journey there’s been a consistent thread of weaving together strategic problem solving, creative expression, and a curiosity to better understand people.

In the businesses I created or co-founded, my primary focus has always been on strategy and user experience. For others, I’ve worn lots of hats from Executive Producer, to Designer, to Copywriter, to Developer. I’ve also enjoyed an unofficial Account Services role where I carefully honed the craft of client therapy.

Over the years, I’ve collaborated with countless passionate small businesses along with several 800lb (friendly) gorillas including Google, Sony, Universal Pictures, Mattel, FOX, Dreamworks, CBS, A&E, Home Depot, Roland Keyboards, G4 TV, and the LA Times.

When not doing mental gymnastics, I like spending time with my amazing wife and son, hiking, surfing, and watching things that make me laugh.

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