What Is Your Brand Story?

The origin, purpose, and position of your brand told through a simple, narrative structure.

Brand Story Definition 

Your brand story is a tool that brings together the origin, position, and purpose of your brand into a short, simple narrative. 

It translates those strategic elements into content that’s emotionally engaging and expresses the brand’s personality. Your story communicates the importance of your brand in a way that both your team and your customers will easily understand and remember. 

That ability of people to remember the essence of your brand is critical. Part of your work in defining your brand is to provide tools so people can remember you and so they can tell others about you, too. 

This is why your brand story is a valuable tool for everything from onboarding to word-of-mouth referrals. It gives people a script for how to talk about your brand effectively with others. 

Brand Story Exercise 

To help you construct an effective brand story, here are some key guidelines to keep top of mind. 

An effective brand story should be:

  • Short — aim for 3-4 paragraphs that are each 3-4 sentences max
  • Clear — make it obvious what unique value the brand provides to customers
  • Personal — explain why this business exists and the passion that fuels it
  • Digestible — use language that’s easy to read and remember, without jargon
  • Engaging — try and strike an emotional chord with the reader 

The content of your brand story should cover the following points:

  • Why your brand exists in the big picture sense, your brand’s thesis
  • Who the founders are and how the company started
  • What makes your positioning unique, what unmet need it fulfills
  • How your brand will make an impact and change the competitive landscape

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