Develop Your Brand’s Core Purpose Statement

The aspirational reason why your company exists. It lives beyond financial goals and doesn’t include any methods, means, or specific approaches or executions.

How To Define Your Core Purpose Statement

Your Brand’s “Forever”

We label Core Purpose as “Forever” because it represents a driving force that’s always present regardless of what your business achieves or how long it’s around.

It acts as a north star to focus everything you do. It should be a source of inspiration and guidance that outlasts any ups, downs, shifts, or pivots.


Separate from any financial aspirations, what was the driving force for creating your company?


Was it connected to a passion, area of expertise, particular technological / product breakthrough, or simply an emotional drive to create a new path?


What is your company’s founding story?


How has the business changed since then?


Distill the essence of what you wrote above into a single sentence (try it a few times):


Further distill that idea into a 5 word (or less) sentence (try this a few times, too):

Core Purpose Statement Examples

Solve unsolved problems innovatively

Preserve and improve human life

Experience the emotion of competition, winning, and crushing competitors

Experience the sheer joy of advancing and applying technology for the benefit of the public

Walt Disney
Make people happy

Mary Kay
Give unlimited opportunity to women

Be a role model and tool for social change

(Core Purpose Statement examples via Jim Collins)

Map & Fire’s Core Purpose

“Empower and elevate business leaders to achieve their goals.”

Note: Map & Fire’s Core Purpose isn’t just to do great work for clients. We want to provide new outlooks and insights on how they see their business so they can succeed on their own.

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