The Outlaw Brand Archetype

Leadership. Risk taking. Progressive and provocative thought. Bravery. Personal power. Brutal honesty. Experimentation.

The Outlaw Archetype Attributes 


The Outlaw is a force to be reckoned with, representing the voice that’s had enough. The Outlaw is a key to social change and acceptance as a harbinger of fresh perspectives, new outlooks, aspirational change and awakening. A rule breaker, the Outlaw challenges convention by questioning the status quo and pushing the envelope. With bold leadership, courage and power, the Outlaw helps to dispel others’ fear of victimization.



Friendly, Bold, Confidence, Success, Courage, Stimulation, Fascination, Happiness, Creativity, Enthusiasm


Love, Power, Excitement, Boldness, Youthful, Passion, Energy, Heat, Strength, Desire, Sensuality, Intensity, Speed


Happiness, Warmth, Optimism, Clarity, Competence, Bright, Sunny, Energy, Joy, Enthusiasm, Enlightenment


The Outlaw Archetype Brand Examples 

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