Develop Your Brand’s Mission Statement

How you’ve put your purpose into action, along with who benefits from your work. It outlines your direction in simple, clear language that’s specific to your brand.

How To Define Your Mission Statement

Your Brand’s “Today”

We label Mission as “Today” because it speaks to the specific, current actions a brand is working on.

Your Mission is where your brand moves from the abstract to the concrete. This focuses on the methods you use to enable your greater purpose. It aligns your team’s efforts and communicates to your audience how your brand provides value to them. 


What action needs to be taken to help satisfy your brand’s Core Purpose?


What’s the core segment of people that your brand serves?


How does your brand deliver value to its customers in relationship to their needs?


How is your approach for delivering that value unique in the competitive landscape?



Try filling in the blanks a few different ways to test out different word combinations.

Mission Statement Examples

American Red Cross:
Prevent and alleviate suffering for those facing emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors


Inspiration and innovation for every athlete in the world.


Organize the world’s information for everyone so that it’s universally accessible and useful.

Map & Fire’s Mission Statement

“Provide data, creative, and strategy resources that empower business leaders to build high-growth brands fueled by aligned teams and loyal customers.”

Note: Map & Fire’s Mission is to help business leaders use their brand as the mechanism to connect with their customers. We use  process-driven products and services, so that our customers understand how we help them define their brand and how to take that work and build on it for years to come.

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