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Map & Fire’s purpose is to work with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them tackle their biggest challenges and achieve success.

Clay Ostrom

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Clay Ostrom

Owner, Founder

I’ve spent the last 15 years dreaming up and then bringing to life multiple startups as well as a wide range of digital projects. With every twist and turn of that journey there’s been a consistent thread of weaving together strategic problem solving, creative expression, and a curiosity to better understand people.

In the businesses I created or co-founded, my primary focus has always been on strategy and user experience. For others, I’ve worn lots of hats from Executive Producer, to Designer, to Copywriter, to Developer. I’ve also enjoyed an unofficial Account Services role where I carefully honed the craft of client therapy.

Over the years, I’ve collaborated with countless passionate small businesses along with several 800lb (friendly) gorillas including Google, Sony, Universal Pictures, Mattel, FOX, Dreamworks, CBS, A&E, Home Depot, Roland Keyboards, G4 TV, and the LA Times.

When not doing mental gymnastics, I like spending time with my amazing wife and son, hiking, surfing, and watching things that make me laugh.

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The Story of Map & Fire

Map & Fire was founded as a vehicle to focus our strategy and design skills (with a dash of psychology) in a way that could help other businesses succeed by working to solve their most difficult problems.

We believe our process for developing a company’s Lean Strategy is our best and most accessible expression of that goal. It’s already lead us to connect with lots of amazing and talented new people. We’re excited to see where it will lead next.

Why You’ll Like Us

Evidence over Ego

When it comes to decisions, we use research and data and try to steer clear of statements like “That’s how we’ve always done it” or “I just like it”.

Intentionally Small

We’re most valuable when we can work directly on solving tough problems, so we avoid adding extra bodies and games of telephone.

Fast and Focused

In order to learn from challenges as soon as we can, we like to get to the heart of it and then start testing solutions.

Collaborators at Heart

Our best work and best relationships have always come from openly sharing ideas and working on challenges together. Swooping in and dropping off a solution (even a good one) rarely works.

Naturally Curious

We’re always on the hunt to learn as much as we can about new businesses and teams to help them find untapped opportunities.

We Make It Fun

If you can laugh together, you can relax together. When you’re relaxed you’re more likely to share ideas and do better work. It’s that simple.