A Plan For Every Situation

Whether you need a map for your business immediately or prefer to take your time, we have options.

Establish a Solid Strategy for Your Business

Our Lean Strategy program helps you establish solid fundamentals for your business in 7 key areas: Purpose, Customers, Competition, Offering, BrandMarketing, and Practice.

What You Get

  • A clear, concise guide that maps out your business strategy
  • A detailed breakdown of the core elements from each of the 7 key strategy areas, and how they connect, all defined for your business
  • Big picture goals to share with your team, and a plan for how to adapt them as you grow
  • Actionable insights that can be used for testing your strategy


  • A trusted partner invested in your success
  • An outside perspective you can’t get strictly from your team
  • Accountability to make your business better
  • Guidance and strong recommendations for goals and next steps to keep your momentum

How You’ll Get There

We offer three ways to experience our Lean Strategy program: a self-paced Month-to-Month program, an intense one-day Strategy Workshop, or an in-depth 2-week Strategy Sprint.

All of our programs prepare you to make strong strategic decisions going forward. Choose the one that best fits your needs, time and budget.

Month-to-Month Strategy Program

When you need to make time in a busy schedule

Best When:

  • You want to work on your strategy at your own pace
  • You have limited time or resources to dedicate all at once, but can afford a smaller, ongoing commitment
  • You have a business that is already stable, and you want to grow and improve it over time

Each Month, You Get:

  • Monthly progress reports as we track the developing “big picture” of your business strategy
  • 2 check-in meetings with Map & Fire (phone or video call)
  • Written insights, feedback and recommended next steps to set goals and keep you on track after every meeting
  • Ongoing email support

1 Day Strategy Workshop

When you need it all yesterday

Best When:

  • You need to get your strategy on paper as quickly as humanly possible
  • You want to establish a high level outline of your strategy that you can develop over time (either on your own, or with us)
  • You are considering a pivot or other significant change, and want to work through possibilities quickly

Strategy Workshop Includes:

  • We guide you and your leadership team through a fun and intense strategy session, ensuring that you understand how each key strategy area applies to your business
  • We design time-boxed exercises to ensure each key strategy area gets just enough attention
  • At the end of the day, you’ll have a structured outline for your business strategy, and you’ll be equipped to develop it over time.

After the Workshop:

  • 1 Week check-in to answer any questions that arise post-workshop (phone or video call)
  • 30 Day check-in and recommendations on your first month of putting the strategy into practice (phone or video call)

2 Week Strategy Sprint

When you need a period of concentrated help

Best When:

  • You want to create a fully-developed business strategy on a condensed timeline
  • You are starting a new business, and you’re serious about starting in the strongest possible way
  • When it’s critical you have an actionable, cohesive “big picture” that you can share with others (investors, partners, employees) and put into practice immediately

Strategy Sprint Includes:

  • We proactively guide you through a complete definition of all 7 strategy focus areas for your business
  • Check-ins with you and your team every other day (calls, video conference, or in-person depending on your location) to maintain momentum
  • Continuous online collaboration with us throughout the Sprint (email, google docs, etc.)
  • A complete, fully detailed Lean Strategy for your business
  • A plan to put that strategy into action immediately, and how to adapt it over time
  • An in-person wrap-up meeting where you present a summary of your new strategy to your team, with support and guidance from Map & Fire

After the Sprint:

  • 1 Week check-in to answer any questions that arise (phone or video call)
  • 30 Day check-in and recommendations on your first month of putting the strategy into practice (phone or video call)

Optional Add-Ons

Ideal next steps once your strategy is established.

Website Package


  • Customized WordPress Website
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design
  • Full ability to add, edit and update content yourself
  • Setup and configuration of key WordPress plugins
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 30 Day site health check-in

Bring Your Own:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name registration

Brand Identity Package


  • Logo Design
  • Typography Selections
  • Color Scheme Selection
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Business Card Template

Lean Strategy Program FAQs

What are the differences between the Workshop, Sprint, and Month to Month strategy packages?

The main difference is time. We believe the Workshop and Sprint provide the optimal path because it puts you in the mindset of working on your strategy and keeps you there. It’s important to see how all the individual areas of your strategy fit together so it can be a challenge if the process is spread out. And of course we want you putting this into action as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

That being said, we know how busy people are and sometimes you have to make time in shorter bursts.

Either way, the end result is a new perspective on your business.

What are the main advantages of doing a Sprint?

Consistent, focused attention to what is arguably the most important piece of your business — your strategy.

As we’ve talked about, all the elements of strategy affect one another and have to fit together. So naturally, if you can work on them together over a shorter period of time you’re more likely to create something that’s very cohesive. It can also help keep you in a state where you’re generating new ideas.

Spacing this work out, while maybe more convenient at times, can cause additional work as you need to refresh your memory and get back in a groove.

And again, we simply want you putting your effort into effect as soon as you can.

That being said, everyone is different and while some clients like to knock it all out at once, others prefer to take their time.

What are the main advantages of doing a Workshop?

Like the Sprint, there are benefits to having a period of hyper-focused attention to dedicate to your strategy. The Workshop condenses that time as tightly as possible and gets a core portion of each key area of your strategy defined quickly.

Because there is a lot of ground to cover, you’ll likely need to fill in some additional information after the Workshop. However, we do include both a 1-Week and 1-Month check-in to help answer questions.

After that, you have the option to move to a Month-to-Month ongoing engagement and ensure your work is put into action.

What are the main advantages of doing Month to Month?

The idea of dedicating a chunk of time over 2 weeks, or even 1 full day may be difficult for a lot of people — especially business leaders who are always being pulled in a million directions.

The Month-to-Month option gives you maximum flexibility to fit the exercises in whenever you can. It also allows you to have a month where you may do more and others where you do less.

Even though you may not have the full picture, you’ll still be able to implement elements of your new strategy as you go.

If I am on the Month-to-Month Program, can I cancel at any time?

Yup, if for any reason you decide you need to pause our work together or you want to finish it on your own, we’re totally OK with that. We do request 30 days notice so that we can adjust our schedules accordingly.

Add-On Package FAQs

What if I just want the Website package?

We’d love to help translate your strategy into a great marketing channel like a new website — but we won’t be able to make that effective without being clear on what your company is really doing. That’s the whole point of the strategy process and why we require it as a first step in working together.

Could you get just a website redesign by itself cheaper? Sure. Will it effectively communicate what you’re doing and make a real impact on your business? Probably not.

What if I just want the Brand Identity package?

See above on the Website package. We know from experience that we can’t do an effective job on someone’s identity without knowing what the company’s brand and business foundation are.

You don’t just want a logo — you want one that means something.

Additional FAQs

Does my business have to be at a certain size / stage / level of maturity to work with you?

No. This is one of the biggest learnings we’ve had through our years of working with clients — everyone needs this stuff. Whether you’re on day 1 or year 10, it’s always critical to have a cohesive map of your business.

And we’ve worked extremely hard to balance accessibility with quality. Meaning, you don’t need an MBA to understand it, but it’s still valid and valuable even if you do.

Where did the idea for this kind of service come from?

Part of it came from what we saw our clients consistently needed. No matter what we were working on with them, from UX Design to Branding to Web Design, they ALL needed help clarifying their strategy. So, whether they hired us for that purpose or not we always ended up back-tracking into it. It was the only way we felt we could do our job effectively and provide meaningful results.

And then the other part came from ourselves. As business owners we had the exact same problems and questions our clients often had — and we had to find a way to answer them.

In many ways, this strategy offering is what we wanted when we started but it didn’t exist. So, we made it.

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