Unlocking Product / Market Fit

Differentiate your offering from your competition by tailoring your products and services to the things your customers care about most.

Do you ever feel like your customers’ real needs and motivations are hidden under lock and key?

If so, it’s time to focus on Product / Market Fit.

Product / Market Fit is a complex, but incredibly important piece of every company’s big-picture strategy. With it, your business will thrive. Without it, no business can survive for long.

About the Workshop

In this fun and interactive workshop, you will learn how to break Product/Market fit into its three component parts — Customers, Competition and Offering. You’ll unpack the key elements in each area, and how they connect to and influence one another.

Then you’ll get hands-on and apply that knowledge to your very own Product/Market Fit challenges. Feel free to bring questions and materials that illustrate challenges you’re facing with your customers, competition, or offering.

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the three levels of Product/Market fit, and how best to navigate each one.
  • A system for diagnosing and iterating on a wide range of issues relating to Product / Market Fit.
  • The ability to prioritize your product features and product roadmap according to the things your customers actually value.
  • Knowing the differences between, and when to use, different tools for understanding your customers (such as Personas, Jobs to Be Done and Elements of Value).
  • The ability to map out your competitive landscape — and differentiate your product — in terms of the things your customers value, not just your features.
  • Ideas for how to improve your product, or create new products, so that they satisfy your customers in unique ways.

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