Improve Your Business by Treating it Like a Product

Design and build a better business with the Lean Strategy framework and business experiments.

Quick: What’s your most important product? What should you spend the most time testing, refining, and fine-tuning?

If you read the title of this workshop, you know it’s not something your company boxes up and ships out, or a service you provide. It is (spoiler!) — your business itself.

Whether you’re building the next big web app, providing creative services, or handcrafting artisanal street tacos, you won’t be able to thrive if the systems that drive your business aren’t operating at their best.

About the Workshop

In this fun and interactive workshop, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach for unpacking and improving the systems that make your business work.

Using our Lean Strategy framework, you’ll learn how to solve core strategy problems in the same way that designers solve design problems.

Then you’ll get hands-on and apply that knowledge to your very own business challenges. You’ll discover where to focus your efforts so you can make progress without getting stuck or spinning your wheels.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Concepts and techniques that will help you treat your business like a product you can systematically improve over time.
  • A framework for diagnosing problem areas, anticipating future issues, and tracking your progress.
  • The ability to create and run experiments to test, iterate and improve key areas of your business.
  • Ideas for specific next steps you can take to move your business forward.
  • More confidence in your ability to lead your business — and to adapt when market changes demand it.

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