Interactive Workshops

Our blend of teaching and real time problem solving provides value in the room, and skills you can take home.

Workshop Topics

Each of our workshops aligns with a core problem we solve:

Create a Powerful and Inspiring Big Picture For Your Business

Find out what it takes to define a clear and compelling Big Picture for your company, including your Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.

You’ll learn the differences between these essential elements and how they fit together, along with good and bad examples of each, and guidelines for how to craft your own the right way.

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Unlocking Product / Market Fit

Learn how to break Product/Market fit into its three component parts — Customers, Competition and Offering. You’ll unpack the key elements in each area, and how they connect to and influence one another.

Then you’ll get hands-on and apply that knowledge to your very own Product/Market Fit challenges. Bring questions and materials that illustrate challenges you’re facing with your customers, competition, or offering.

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Improve Your Business by Treating it Like A Product

Learn a step-by-step approach for unpacking and improving the systems that make your business work.

Using our Lean Strategy framework, you’ll learn how to solve core strategy problems in the same way that designers solve design problems.

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Workshop Formats

Our workshops can be delivered in the format that best meets your needs

Public Workshop

Map & Fire leads the workshop and facilitates discussion and collaboration among attendees.

Best for: Small groups of founders, owners or leaders from several different companies that want to uncover or solve problems through group collaboration.

  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Format: Problem solving and collaboration with peers
  • Capacity: 4-8 individuals from several companies

Private, In-House Workshop

An in-depth, private workshop for a single company. We dig deep into specific issues you’re facing and work with you to develop real, actionable solutions.

Best for: Company leadership and team members focused on defining and solving specific problems.

  • Duration: Half-Day – Multiple Days
  • Format: In-depth problem solving with a team
  • Capacity: 2-8 individuals from a single company

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