What Is Your Brand Promise?

The value your brand strives to deliver to every single one of your customers, every time.

Brand Promise Definition 

Your brand promise lives at the intersection of your purpose and your positioning

On the purpose side, your promise connects back to your larger “why” — the reason your brand exists in the first place. It’s the essence of what your brand strives to achieve in the world. It’s an idea that lives beyond any financial goals and doesn’t speak to the methods, means, or specific approaches that you’ll take to fulfill it.

From the positioning side, your brand promise connects to the unique value that you deliver to your customers. It speaks to the fundamental job that your customers need to satisfy and how your brand delivers on those needs. 

A brand promise brings these ideas together in a short, simple, idea that your brand strives to deliver on with every single one of your customers, every time. 

Brand Promise Exercise 

Developing an effective brand promise is simple in concept but often tricky in practice. 

To do it well, the first steps would be to define your brand purpose and positioning. With those two elements in place, developing a brand promise becomes much more clear.

With that in mind, the following are attributes to consider as you define and refine your brand promise.

Brand promise key criteria:

  • Short — your promise should be a concise, memorable, singular idea
  • Actionable — your promise should speak to the value your brand delivers 
  • Specific — your promise should highlight what makes that value unique
  • Consistent — your promise needs to be delivered to every customer, every time
  • Authentic — your promise needs to be grounded and believable


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