What Is Your Brand Personality?

The set of characteristics that define how your brand expresses itself to your audience.

Brand Personality Definition 

There are many ways to define a brand’s personality or attributes — aka. the qualities and characteristics that make a brand distinct. The framework we’ve found to be most effective for this is to align a brand with one or more archetypes.

Archetypes help encompass your brand’s overall personality and works as a mental shortcut for you and your team when developing content to express the brand in an emotionally engaging way with customers. 

Aligning your brand with an easily identifiable archetype helps your customers determine if the value that you provide aligns with what they’re seeking in a solution.

This is particularly useful when developing key messages and copy for your marketing. It’s easier to conceptualize how your brand’s character might speak to your customers as opposed to the words coming from the abstract concept of a business. 

Brand Personality Exercise 

Because a brand’s personality can have many subtle variations that make it unique, we define brands around a combination of two or three archetypes.

For a more in-depth view of all 12 archetypes we have an entire resource section dedicated to this topic that you can use. The quick version is to select a primary, secondary, and tertiary archetype that together represent the unique set of characteristics of your brand.

Again, like all aspects of your brand, your brand archetype isn’t about your personal preferences. Your selection should focus on what character would best complement the needs of your target customer. 

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