The Sage Brand Archetype

Wisdom. Intelligence. Truth seeking. Clarity of thought. Rational decision making. Prudence. Talent as a diligent researcher.

The Sage Archetype Attributes 


The Sage is motivated by independence, cognitive fulfillment and truth. This archetype has a foundational identity attachment to the belief that thinking is what defines the human experience. The sage responds well to expert opinion but is inherently a pragmatic skeptic. Possessing a high need for autonomy, the sage values learning for its own sake because it allows for detachment from the masses and the capacity to remain objective.



Strength, Competence, High Quality, Dependable, Trust, Tranquility, Peace, Integrity, Intelligence, Security, Balance, Calm, Safety, Committed


Safety, Peace, Growth, Health, Freshness, Environment, Money, Fertility, Healing, Harmony


Class, Elegance, Formal, Protection, Security, Intelligence, Solid, Power, Mystery, Dominance, Authority, Sophisticated


The Sage Archetype Brand Examples 

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