The Jester Brand Archetype

Wicked humor. Originality. Irreverence. Present moment awareness. Facile social skills.

The Jester Archetype Attributes 


Joyfully living in the moment, the Jester seeks to lighten up the world. Able to bend perspective, twist meanings and interpret events and people in surprising ways, the Jester can speak truth to those in power. The Jester appreciates beauty, change, surprised and wicked intellect. Known for exuberant antics, the Jester transcends tradition, convention and societal norms. Boldly original, irreverent and mischievous, this archetype sees life as a wild and crazy playground of opportunity.



Friendly, Bold, Confidence, Success, Courage, Stimulation, Fascination, Happiness, Creativity, Enthusiasm


Love, Power, Excitement, Boldness, Youthful, Passion, Energy, Heat, Strength, Desire, Sensuality, Intensity, Speed


Happiness, Warmth, Optimism, Clarity, Competence, Bright, Sunny, Energy, Joy, Enthusiasm, Enlightenment


The Jester Archetype Brand Examples 

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