The Hero Brand Archetype

Self-sacrifice. Courage. Redemption. Transformation. Faith. Strength. Stamina.

The Hero Archetype Attributes 


The Hero acts to redeem society by overcoming great odds in service to successfully completing extraordinary acts of strength, courage and goodness. The Hero is admired by those who appreciate the self-sacrifice, stamina and courage required to triumph over adversity and evil. As a continuous learner, the Hero seeks to understand the inner life force and fullest expression of self, while coping with difficulty, meeting strange fates and facing shifting challenges. The essence of the Hero lies in the sacrifice required to achieve the goal of transformation.



Friendly, Bold, Confidence, Success, Courage, Stimulation, Fascination, Happiness, Creativity, Enthusiasm


Happiness, Warmth, Optimism, Clarity, Competence, Bright, Sunny, Energy, Joy, Enthusiasm, Enlightenment


Class, Elegance, Formal, Protection, Security, Intelligence, Solid, Power, Mystery, Dominance, Authority, Sophisticated


The Hero Archetype Brand Examples 

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