The Everyperson Brand Archetype

Stewardship, Altruism, Respect, Fairness, Accountability. Tendency to be a good listener and hard worker.

The Everyperson Archetype Attributes 


Driven by a need to feel a sense of belonging, The Everyman believes that everyone matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity or creed. Like a good neighbor, the Everyman seeks to do the right thing, with no need for heroics or adventure. Possessing a charming sincerity, the Everyman embodies the acronym WYSIWYG — “what you see is what you get” — and has a casual approach to life, preferring to be understated, nonthreatening and helpful to all.



Strength, Competence, High Quality, Dependable, Trust, Tranquility, Peace, Integrity, Intelligence, Security, Balance, Calm, Safety, Committed


Love, Power, Excitement, Boldness, Youthful, Passion, Energy, Heat, Strength, Desire, Sensuality, Intensity, Speed


Rugged, Earth, Outdoors, Longevity, Dependable, Comfort, Strength, Modesty, Independence


The Everyperson Archetype Brand Examples 

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