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Michelson 20MM Foundation

How can we make intellectual property education accessible to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs?

We worked with The Michelson 20MM Foundation on a strategy and website to maximize the reach of their book and video series on intellectual property.

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Small Batch Content

Can an independent production studio create a new business model for original content creation?

We helped this LA-based production studio create a new type of content incubator that harnesses the thinking and approach proven in the tech world of Silicon Valley.

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When a successful company decides it’s time to expand its offerings, how do you best maintain the legacy brand?

We worked with ACMS on its first rebrand since being founded 30 years ago. We helped evolve their legacy to take on a new reputation in the market of elementary school safety services.

Life Revised

With a topic as deeply personal as grief, how do you build a trusting relationship with your audience?

We worked with writer and speaker, Lori LoCicero, to develop a new brand from scratch in support of her vision to share the power of post-traumatic growth.

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Clients From Our Past Professional Experience

We think every business can benefit from the kind of strategic thinking traditionally reserved for 800lb gorillas.

Even More Success Stories


With a focus on making performance evaluations for businesses more quantifiable and transparent, we helped to redefine their brand and messaging to connect directly with Leaders and Decision Makers.


We worked with CBFX on ways to separate themselves in a competitive market by focusing on their unique blend of service and work quality at an affordable price point.

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TruBrain makes nootropic-based products aimed at enhancing your cognitive abilities. They needed some help making it easier for customers to understand the benefits of those products and simplify the purchase process.

The Katydids

Comedy group, The Katydids (creators, writers, and stars of the TV Land comedy, Teachers), needed a way to tell their story, share updates with fans, and showcase their unique personality.

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Fail Better

We worked with the authors of this top-ranked business book about failure (and how to learn from it), to create a strategy for connecting with their target audience and a website to communicate their philosophy.

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Polymyth Productions

We worked with the Chicago-based production company, Polymyth, to select their name and then craft their brand and identity around storytelling through video.

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