A Fresh Perspective On Your Business

Create a clear path forward by aligning your business activities and big picture goals.

Nobody knows your business better than you do…

But sometimes you’re too close to a situation to see it clearly. The daily grind can blind you to serious problems — or valuable insights — even when they’re right under your nose.

We act as your trusted advisor and coach. We listen to your challenges and help you find the answers hiding under every rock.

Together we’ll define and clarify how all the areas of your business fit together. You’ll see where to focus your time and resources, and gain insights on which of your activities are the most valuable.

And you won’t have to do it alone

We call this process Lean Strategy.

How Does Lean Strategy Work?

We start by looking at six key areas that affect every business: Purpose, Customers, Competition, Offering, Brand and Marketing.

We’ll help you define the essential elements of those areas, and show you how they’re all connected. This “map” of your business becomes the foundation for your strategic choices.

Then we help you put your strategy into practice, track what’s working and what’s not, and use the results to make improvements for your business.

More Benefits of the Lean Strategy Process

Deepen your understanding of your customers’ needs and priorities so you can serve them better.

Find meaningful ways to differentiate your product or service from the competition.

Reduce confusion and waste on projects or initiatives that don’t align with your purpose and primary goals.

Provide a sense of clarity and alignment to everyone in your organization, improving all the little decisions they make each day.

"Map & Fire’s expert guidance, insightful recommendations and customized strategies allowed me to fine-tune my vision, clarify my brand, and ultimately build my target audience."

Lori LoCicero

Founder, Life Revised

Lean Strategy at a Glance

Together, we’ll work on these core areas of your business: Purpose, Customers, Competition, Offering, Brand, Marketing and Practice.

Each one involves a mix of questions and exercises we’ve curated to make the process of developing your strategy fast, easy and fun.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover:

1. Purpose

In a big picture sense, why does your business exist?

(Hint: Making “stacks of cash” is only a byproduct, not an actual purpose)

What You’ll Get

You’ll define a purpose for your business that is big, specific and clear. You’ll be able to use it to guide your decisions, and it will be crystallized in writing so it can inspire others.

How We’ll Get There

  • Clarify your company’s real purpose
  • Understand the values that guide you
  • Articulate your vision for the future
  • Lay out some goals and objectives along the way

2. Customers

How well do you really know your customers’ needs and priorities?

(Hint: Great businesses focus on meeting important needs for a specific audience)

What You’ll Get

You know who your target customers are, why they can’t accomplish some really important things in their lives, and why they’ll give you money if you can help.

How We’ll Get There

  • Describe your ideal customer
  • Prioritize the goals they’re trying to achieve
  • Identify the pains getting in their way
  • Identify what they can gain by succeeding
  • Understand how they solve their problems when you’re not around


Does your company own a unique strategic position compared to your competitors?

(Hint: Of course every company is a unique snowflake, but we’re talking about the unique ways you provide value to your customers)

What You’ll Get

You’ll have a map of the competitive landscape your company lives in, and you’ll confidently stake out unique territory within it.

How We’ll Get There

  • Create a map of your competitive landscape based on customer needs
  • Assess threats from substitute offerings and new companies in the space
  • Understand the power of folks you’re dependent upon (suppliers & buyers)
  • Outline the most important ways you’re different
  • Claim a unique strategic position in that landscape

4. Offering

Do you meet your customers’ most important needs in a unique way?

(Hint: Simply saying “we’re different” or “we’re cheaper” won’t get you very far. We’ll help you dig in to find a strong answer)

What You’ll Get

You’ll create a product or service that fits the specific needs of your ideal customer in a truly unique way.

How We’ll Get There

  • Identify what products and services you’re equipped to provide
  • Explore different ways to meet your customers’ needs
  • Define a unique offering that fits your strategic position
  • Outline how you can deliver on that offering
  • Ensure all of your business activities fit together seamlessly

5. Brand

Do your customers (and your team) know exactly what you stand for?

(Hint: Branding is not just a logo. It’s about turning your strategy into something visual and easy to understand)

What You’ll Get

You’ll have a brand that clearly communicates your offering, purpose and values both your customers and your team.

How We’ll Get There

  • Choose a meaningful company name, with a great story to match
  • Define a clear mission
  • Articulate a distinctive voice, tone, and personality
  • Create a beautiful brand identity to bring it all together (optional add-on)

6. Marketing

Are you connecting with your target customers by tapping into their emotions?

(Hint: People don’t make decisions based on facts and features. You’ll have to think about their feelings if your want your business to connect)

What You’ll Get

You’ll craft marketing messages that connect with your target audience’s emotions and inspire them to become your customers.

How We’ll Get There

  • Understand the key words and phrases your audience uses to describe their needs
  • Craft key messages that tell your audience exactly what they need to hear
  • Decide what marketing channels make sense for you and why
  • Deliver those messages through a beautiful new website that you control (optional add-on)

7. Practice

Do you use metrics to actively grow and improve your business ?

(Hint: Counting your money is one metric, but we’re talking about using real analytics to make sure your business is getting stronger month after month)

What You’ll Get

You’ll stop guessing about what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll create a system to proactively track and test your business decisions so that you’re always learning and always improving.

How We’ll Get There

  • Set up experiments to test your business strategy
  • Set up proper tracking metrics for your website
  • Document what you learn, and adapt as needed
  • Make continuous, small improvements to your business every month

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