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Clarify and Strengthen Your Company’s Direction

Some of the folks we’ve worked with in our careers.

Big corporations spend millions of dollars every year on strategy to maximize their chance of success.

Meanwhile, small and medium size businesses often survive on a mix of business books, online resources, and founder instincts.

That stuff can get you far, but to reach your true potential, you need a cohesive way to bring all that great thinking together – and then improve on it.

We want to even the playing field and make sure companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of good, solid strategic thinking at a reasonable price.

“Map & Fire helped us spin off a new company, refocused our core mission, and became our goto source for guidance on both strategy and digital marketing. Constantly coming up with fresh ideas, and fearless in challenging conventional thinking, we now think of John & Clay as a valuable extension of our team.”

Stu Pollard

Founder, Lunacy Productions

How Can We Make Your Business Even Better?


Define the real purpose, vision, and goals of your business.


Discover how your customers think about their needs and what they value.


Find new opportunities (and avoid challenges) in the competitive landscape.


Focus on the parts of your offering that are unique and offer the greatest return.


Turn your customers into evangelists with an emotionally targeted brand.


Market to your customers using the keywords and messages they need to hear.

"Map & Fire gave us actionable ideas to guide our thinking and solidify our brand. We now have a beautiful website with clear messaging around a complex topic: intellectual property in the new economy. We couldn't be happier!"

Mayra Lombera

Director Strategic Initiatives, The Michelson 20MM Foundation


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