Validate Your Business Model

Save time and money by uncovering and testing the risky assumptions hidden in your business model

Why Business Model Validation Matters

Your business is like a machine of interconnected parts that all need to work cohesively for it to be successful. When one “gear” is misaligned (or even missing!), it can have all sorts of negative effects on the business as a whole.

Sometimes those misalignments go unnoticed for years. Other times, there’s clear signs of smoke that something needs to be addressed immediately.

There’s no part of your business that’s immune to issues though, so it’s critical to take a comprehensive look at all aspects and track where the most damaging assumptions are lurking.

Whether you’re proactively seeking to make improvements, trying out a new concept, or putting out a fire, we can work with you to identify what to test and then create experiments to validate your approach.

Approach & Outcomes

We’ll work together on all aspects of the Validation process:

Identify Assumptions

Review your business model to identify the most critical assumptions you’ve made and that need to be tested.

Define Business Experiments

Outline all the essential elements of running a business experiment that will provide meaningful, usable results.

Execute the Plan

Guide (and even create, if needed) the content needed to fully execute the experiments with you.

Work With Us on Business Model Validation

Working through this process together will provide immediate answers to your toughest challenges and provide you with the tools to continue validating your business going forward.

Get in touch today and we’ll help make your business model strong and healthy.

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Prioritize the riskiest assumptions about your business and then systematically validate them using experiments.

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How We Can Work Together

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Our workshops focus on solving real business problems in real-time. Attendees get actionable insights and practical new skills.

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